25 Jun

Thank you for the comments and feedback on my last post.

Given the topic it’s slightly obvious why I turned the ability to comment on my posts off. I’m struggling to the point of no return. Work is hectic, life is hectic and this on top of it.Hence why I’ve replied to some of you privately rather than allow comments to be shown on that post. I think though I’ve now replied to everyone who messaged me on here, Twitter and other ways. But to clarify a couple of questions, that seemed to pop up nearly all the time from comments, messages etc.

I have tried blocking the accounts – they just open up another account; muting the account – they carry on tweeting then open up a new account after a few days; ignoring them – they just keep opening up accounts or just keep tweeting; denying I know what they’re on about or who – they just keep going; admitting they’re right – they still carry on.

BTW I came close to losing my job over a mistake I made, I’m still not 100% in the clear. I’ve worked hard, put in long hours, picked up tasks above my remit to get them done. Taken on tasks no one else wanted. I’ve worked long and bloody hard at this job to succeed. Now one mistake – one sodding mistake – and it can all come crashing down around me. Those close to me know how hard I work in this job and the perks I get with it and what I think of my job.

I’ve never really taken much notice of the accounts and their timelines tbh, as I’m not interested. He however, told me that on one of their early troll accounts, they’d left on there some previous troll tweets and that before targeting me/him/others they’d targeted an account in the name of PC Trumpton or something and I think a couple of other people. Apparently he was also a bit of a flirt account on Twitter. So they’ve obviously got previous for this trolling, I don’t know if it’s the police they don’t like or maybe they got burnt by both accounts.

So yes, I do plan to make an official complaint to the police if this carries on. One of the main reasons I held off, was I’d have to give over Jamie, the Met PCs details and I’m not sure he’s been truly honest with me about a few things. I guess in reality I’d been trying to protect him from any questioning but the more this goes on the more I can’t. I’ve been told that if I name him in my complaint as possibly someone behind it or with information about it, that they will have no choice but to inform the IPCC – basically the people who investigate the police. I don’t know how true that is that they’d be informed. Part of me still honestly thinks if he’s not behind it, he knows who is.

If it’s female I’ve got a pretty good idea about who it is. She’s certainly got enough time on her hands. She spends most of her time dripping poison about me to Jamie so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s behind this too. She drips her poison telling him not to talk to me, not to reply to that text I sent him, not to communicate with me at all. Guess she’s wants him to herself. If it is her, she’s won – though she’s probably telling him it’s me, that I’m behind it all.  He moaned about being controlled by his wife, now he’s letting her contol him – the irony!

No, I’ve not spoken to him, to ask him if he knows who it is, or to ask if he knows who it is to ask them to stop. I shouldn’t have to ask him. This shouldn’t be happening full stop. I also shouldn’t have to beg a stranger to make it stop. Besides which, I don’t know how much he’s told people about things we’ve talked about – he may have told them nothing, he may have told them all what I told him, including private things between him and I. If I did message him, whose to say the first thing he’ll do is send it straight to her for them to laugh at me, for her to take the piss and then take the chance to drip more poison in his ear about me.

I just want it all to stop. Whoever it is, knows stuff about him and who he talks to. They named names in the past I’d never heard of or seen on Twitter. They’d even named one that was no longer following him or something on there, people I didn’t know about, which is why I think it’s someone he knows. If it was me there stuff he’s told me that I could have posted to embarrass or humilate him – though I say stuff I know, she probably does too.But I’m not that vindictive to be doing this. Though no doubt she’s convinced him it’s me. I just want it to stop.

And, funnily enough the troll didn’t comment on that post on here (they did on Twitter though!) probably because you can’t comment on my posts without it tracking your IP address!



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